Really Expensive Ways To Buy A Baby’s Love

I don’t have kids. And it’s not only because I’m too young to be dealing with that level of someone else’s vomit, but also because I’d probably screw up any kid I had too much contact with. They’d start out all smiley and end up wearing awesome shoes but also emotionally crippled. So I’m banking on being the fun, sassy aunt for my brother’s eventual kiddies. Not only will that involve minimal diaper-handling, it also means that the possibility of my buying their love is pretty high. It doesn’t work for divorced parents in the long term, but fun aunts and uncles everywhere have been working that plan successfully for centuries, I’m sure. And thanks to a recent roundup of some of the most offensively expensive baby gifts ever, I don’t even need to think about what to buy the little monsters. First up is this Baby Dior cotton romper, plastic bottle and stupid little hat set. Only $200! More equally obnoxious options for buying love at a young age after the jump. [Styleite]
It’s one thing to tell your niece, child, whatever, that she’s a princess. It’s quite another to actually make her believe it with a $75,000 faux-coach. Don’t half-ass this.

Can a spoiled kid really grow into an obnoxious adult without an $8,500 Hermes baseball mitt? Methinks not.

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