What The State Of Your Purse Says About You

Now, here’s a fashion phrase I’ve never heard before: handbag maxim.

HANDBAG MAXIM: n./phrase, pron. hand-bag: hand-bag mak-sim: A universally applicable rule that says the state of the organization (or lack thereof) of your handbag is directly reflective of the organization (or lack thereof) in your life.

According to Glamour editors, this official-sounding term simply describes how your life reflects the inside of your purse. Basically, if your personal affairs are in shambles, there’s a pretty good chance that your purse will be as well. Busy at work? Your bag is full of crumbs from snacks on the go. New relationship? Spare clothes and extra makeup lines the inside of your purse. Personally, I’m a bit OCD and love a good bag dump. Between my gym bag and regular day-to-day bag, I need to edit the contents on a regular basis, but my wallet is another story. I have receipts for weeks, multiple subway passes, and frequent customer cards for stores I’ll never visit again. So maybe I can just alter the term to “wallet maxim” to fit my lifestyle. Can you relate? [Glamour]