How To Wear Hoop Earrings Without Looking Skanky

Kerry Washington looks gorgeous in her hoop earrings, and this mighty appearance is being heralded as the return of the massive ear accessory (which we’ll kind of take with a grain of salt). While we’re vehement supporters of statement jewelry, we’re not at all into the idea of accessory overkill, which the hoops can easily foster. Take the jump for five tips to help you rock big hoops without looking tacky.

  • As with all statement accessories, let them be the loudest part of the look. Your hoops don’t need to be competing with a big necklace or crazy loud dress.
  • Keep the makeup classy. This doesn’t mean you have to go minimal; it just means skip the blue eyeshadow and rap video dancer references that come with it. Simple skin, a pale lip and a smokey eye, however, can be cool. Alternatively, a red lip with limited eye makeup works as well.
  • Keep your hair under control. You don’t need a big old updo to go with your big old earrings.
  • Know where to draw the line when picking the earrings. For example: you’ll remember your name even if it’s not written in cursive across your earrings. A simple loop will definitely do.
  • This is not a strictly go big or go home situation. You’re allowed to choose a medium-sized — or even small — hoop to test the waters.