Boxing Champ Sergio Martinez Says Fight In The Ring, Not At Home With Your Woman

If there’s one thing we love more than a hot man with his shirt off, it’s a hot man with his shirt off who fights for a good cause: Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez announced yesterday he’s launching a campaign in the boxing community to raise awareness about violence against women. But sadly, Martinez is responding to a tragedy that struck the boxing world this weekend when Edwin Valero stabbed his 24-year-old wife to death and then committed suicide in his jail cell. Valero had been arrested for hitting his mom and sister last September and was suspected of beating his wife, Jennifer Viera. Still, it’s sweet that one of Valero’s contemporaries will not allow the young woman’s death to have been in vain. “I love and respect women. Violence against women is simply unacceptable,” Martinez said on Tuesday. “The great number of cases, too often involving athletes, requires action. I have always confided in my mother and consider myself to be a momma’s boy. Women must be respected, not abused.” Swoon. [ESPN]