Remember Peel-Off Nail Polish? It’s Still Around …

If you’re like me—a nervous nail and cuticle biter—you know that manicures, although they sound nice in principle, are inevitably a waste of money because you chip them to pieces within a day or two. I was reminded today about the relatively new OPI soak-off gels, but after putting the product through The Frisky’s Beauty Test Drive, we found our own problems with the polish. I then randomly began thinking about Tinkerbell products, which were around in my childhood. The most popular item from the kid-geared beauty company was a peel-off nail polish that came in a single pink hue. (Apparently, there were more colors, but I only ever remember my friends and I passing around the pink.)

Oh, the fun and joy of pulling a coat off your pinky! The pleasure of rolling the discarded chemicals into a compact ball between your fingers! The sharp smell, which if you sniffed too much of it, probably got you high! Turns out, peel-off nail polish is still around, and even quite trendy …

Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, I was pointed to Sula, a beauty company that creates cutely-packaged Paint & Peel polishes. The non-toxic lacquers don’t require any polish remover, and come in grown-up hues of tan, jade, pastel pink, burgundy and more. But, if you’re into channeling childhood, there’s also the Bright Trio, which would make Tinkerbell jealous any day. []

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