Michelle McGee And Jamie Jungers To Team Up For “Celebrity Cheaters”

The show “Cheaters,” which, amazingly, is in its 10th season, is pretty nasty. It airs on The CW Plus and G4TV so perhaps you haven’t seen it—but the basic concept is that a spouse who believes their significant other is doing the horizontal polka with someone else asks for help catching their partner with their pants down. The Cheaters Detective Agency investigates, gathers proof, and while the spouse is physically with whomever they are cheating with, they give the episode’s complainant the chance to confront them. It’s basically like an episode of “Jerry Springer,” in real time.

Well, this show is about to take the nastiness to a whole ‘nother level. Creator Bobby Goldstein is allegedly shopping around a version of the show called “Celebrity Cheaters.” It’s the same concept only, obviously, the aim is to catch B-, C-, and D-listers cheating. Could it get worse? YES. The host of the new show is none other than Michelle “W.P.” McGee. Jamie Jungers, who won the Miss Tiger Woods Mistress Pageant, has also signed on, presumably to try to rope famous folks into straying. [Celebitchy]

As icks as this concept is, I realize that it is also reality TV genius. Would you watch?