Michael Douglas Pleads For Leniency In Son’s Drug Case

Cameron Douglas, son of Michael Douglas, is facing a mandatory 10 years in prison for dealing drugs in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District in 2009. Cameron has admitted to selling large quantities of methamphetamine and cocaine, but his father Michael thinks the past eight months in a correctional facility have done Cameron so well that the judge should be lenient in sentencing him. In a five-page, handwritten letter made public, Michael says his family’s fame and history of addiction led to his son’s drug problems and criminal behavior. Although Cameron has taken responsibility for his crime, Michael writes: “We do know, however, that genes, family, and peer pressure are all a strong influence on a substance abuser.” Catherine Zeta-Jones, Cameron’s stepmother, and Pat Riley have also written letters asking for leniency. Now if this isn’t a blatant use of celebrity to get Cameron out of paying his debt to society, then I don’t know what is! He didn’t get to choose the family and opportunity he was born into, but he made the choice to sell two highly-addictive drugs, plain and simple. Thousands of non-famous people are born into poor families and neighborhoods that lead them to erroneously think dealing drugs is the only way to survive, make money, and gain status and friends. But you rarely hear of influential people coming to their defense. I’m willing to bet Cameron thought he couldn’t or wouldn’t get caught — let alone convicted — at the time he was dealing because he is Michael Douglas’ son and Kirk Douglas’ grandson. It’s time for him to pay his debt, and if the law states that Cameron has to be sentenced to 10 years, then so be it. Maybe this will teach all these other celebrity kids to make positive use of the opportunities presented to them. [NY1, NY Post]

Update: Cameron Douglas was sentenced to five years in prison and will spend an another five years in a supervised release program. He also has to pay $25,000 in fines. [PopEater]