Do You Bring Pics In To Share With Your Stylist Too?

Whether you’re going to a new hairdresser or trying out a drastically different hairstyle, communicating your vision to a hairstylist isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are two ways to go into this—bring a picture of a celeb with exactly the look you want (and hope they can execute it accurately) or describe the idea as best you can, letting the stylist adopt an interpretation of your description.

I’ve had pretty short hair for a while, but in the past few months I had let myself go, and my hair had gotten to the point where it was almost long enough to form a stubby ponytail. I knew exactly how I wanted my hair to be, and found this picture of Jean Seberg in “Breathless” to show my new hairdresser. “I want this,” I explained to him, “But just a teensy tiny bit longer. Maybe just a half inch.”“And why do you want this haircut?” he asked. Gah! I knew it! Stylists always try to talk you out of something, and then you feel like an idiot for not knowing your style is apparently a heinous idea.

“I want this cut because it’s close to the way my hair was before,” I said, showing him the picture again. This time I was firm and insistent.

So, here’s the end result, which I’m pretty happy with! I definitely see the similarity to Jean Seberg’s picture.

What about you—what’s your experience with photos and hairdressers? Good or bad idea to have such an exact desire? Have any comparison shots you’d like to share with us?