Cash & Coupling: Guys Are Intimidated By The Fact That I Do Their Taxes

Men are insecure when it comes to a woman running their finances. Trust me — I know. As a tax accountant, I have seen more grown men cry over their tax situations than at a funeral home. Perhaps it’s that they don’t take care throughout the year to monitor their tax situations. Then again, maybe it’s that they don’t like the idea of a woman having better financial ideology than they do. Although there are likely many reasons why men are intimidated, I have some theories of my own.

It’s Not That I’m A Woman …

Perhaps men seem intimidated not because I am a woman, but because I am a tax accountant. I am their link to the IRS, an entity that is seen as being able to rip someone’s life to shreds. There’s just something about signing that tax form that evokes both sweat and tears in even the most masculine of men.

Smart Women Are Intimidating

Yes, men want a woman who can carry on a conversation. However, being a tax accountant takes a considerable amount of schooling and for the most part, good tax accountants are very educated and intelligent. They can’t pull the wool over our eyes. If we can catch taxpayers trying to sneak in a disallowed deduction here or there, we can pick up on a guy’s B.S. as well.

We Make More Than Them

Some men have this idea that they are supposed to take care of a woman. This is good, but at the same time there are many women who can take care of themselves. Tax accountants are among these women. A man can’t flash a car or a wallet full of dough in our faces and make us fall to our knees.

Men can, however, bring us a perfectly organized set of financials and flawless documentation … but that rarely happens.

Being a tax accountant is a lot of fun. Some of the best laughs come from how people react to the whole tax situation. Yeah, it sucks to fill out your annual tax return. However, you are doing your part in keeping the country going. If a guy just keeps adequate records and doesn’t try to hide income, then he’s got little to worry about.

And if he wants to win my heart and get 10 percent off his preparation fees, he will bring me European chocolates and have his file in flawless order.

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