21 Perverted Product Spoofs

bonergizer 41910 g jpg
[Bonergizer, $3, PrivateToyCollection.com]

Ever wish your man ran on batteries? Well, maybe now these pills will help him keep going and going and going … that is, if he still wants to do you after you give this to him. If you are considering gifting a guy these fake stay-hard pills, maybe you’re better off doing the pink rabbit (the battery-operated kind). So while it might not be the most practical purchase, you have to give ‘em credit: Bonergizer is a hilariously genius term! In fact, there is a whole slew of totally amazeballs naughty spoof items on the market. Keep clicking, if you dare to see normal store items perverted for sexy times. I know I’ll never look at a bag of Doritos the same way.

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