10 Predictions For Tonight’s Madonna-Themed “Glee”

Even though Madge said she’s not a fan of “Glee,” she’s changed her tune after an advanced screening of tonight’s episode, an homage to the Material Girl, calling it “brilliant on every level.” I hope she plans on sending them a case of Kabbalah water to make up for her impropriety. So what should we expect tonight? Well, we already know about Jane Lynch’s amazing “Vogue” remake. But ever since the song list was leaked, my mind has been abuzz with other possibilities for the wall-to-wall Madonna episode. After the jump, tonight’s soundtrack and our predictions for the plot lines that accompany them. [Fox]

  • Borderline.” There’s trouble in paradise for Quinn and Puck. Maybe they need a duet to figure that stuff out.
  • Open Your Heart.” I’m picturing Finn singing this to Rachel now that he’s in love with her again and needs to win her back from the conniving Jesse St. James.
  • Burning Up.” A spoiler alert said that someone we don’t normally hear sing is going to bust out in this episode. Might principal Figgins still have the hots for Sue Sylvester? I can’t really think of anything funnier.
  • 4 Minutes.” I think this will be the big “fight song” when Jesse and Finn duke it out for Rachel.
  • Crazy For You.” Rachel’s in lurve … with two dudes. She’s dedicating this one to Jesse and Finn.
  • Like A Virgin.” We know that this song happens when three of the couples have sex for the first time. I’m thinking it’s Will and Emma (even though they are supposedly broken up), Rachel and her new BF, Jesse. But who’s the third? I’m going to go out on a limb and call a sex scene between Artie and Tina or maybe Quinn and Puck struggling through some preggo sex? I hope someone rolls around in a white wedding dress.
  • Like A Prayer.” This one has Quinn solo written all over it. I’m picturing her praying in church for her family and friends to accept her again.
  • What It Feels Like For A Girl.” This has to be Kurt’s song. It just has to be.
  • Vogue.” We know that this number is Jane Lynch’s attempt to motivate the Cheerios. Mission accomplished.
  • Express Yourself.” Of course, the ultimate girl power song will be an ensemble piece for the ladies. I’m hoping they’re planning to do this one for regionals. Please.