New Pedicure Trend: Dip Your Feet In Acid!

OK, really, what’s next? Gone are the days of simple soaks, it seems. We already have fish eating the dead skin off of our feet, but now those seeking soft tootsies are resorting to acid in order to slough off the rough edges. Those desperate for baby soft heels are making appointments at Neville’s in Belgravia, West London, where you’ll find acid is the treatment of choice. After a normal pedicure, the lovely lady (or gent) servicing your toes will apply strips soaked in an unspecified acid to the bottom of your feet and let you soak. Twenty minutes later you’re finished, and apparently you’ll leave with baby soft toes. We’ll have to assume this is just a strong version of alpha-hydroxy or some other cosmetic-approved substance, not, say, what the Joker got dipped in. But it must be extra “special,” since the procedure costs about $137, which is quite pricey for that kind of torture. I’ll pick up a pumice and pay attention to my feet in the shower, thanks. [Daily Mail]