Nude Performers At The MoMA Suffer Groping And Other Hardships

Apparently we are not mature enough or decent enough to view art anymore. At a Marina Abramovic performance art retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, I was shocked and appalled to find out about all of the offensive behaviors by museum-goers. One of the performance pieces, called “Imponderabilia”, features a naked man and woman standing up, facing each other in a narrow passageway, and visitors are encouraged to pass through them. You would assume that civilized people would know to keep their hands to themselves, their mouths closed, and their privates and digital cameras tucked away. Not the case. The performers and security guards have reported a number of egregious acts by visitors during the performance. There have been lots of incidents of inappropriate groping and private grabbing, including a homoerotic butt caress and lewd words that left one man with a revoked membership. But wait, there’s more!One performer reported countless unwanted erections brushing across the back of his hand while his arms were at his sides. Eww. There were the illegal pictures snapped of the nude performers, the cat-calling like “Wake up!” or the very clever “Your fly is down!” and one performer even had a museum patron point out her scar and tell a group of people that it was from a C-section. And these are my favorite: one woman got so excited watching one performer that she stepped on another performer’s toes with her stilettos, causing her to faint, and there was a drunken lady who aggressively grabbed the fingers of two of the performers. What? Why? As if that weren’t embarrassing enough behavior, creepy patrons have stalked many of the performers down on Facebook. Please tell me that the human race is not this lame. I am ashamed for us. [New York Times]