If You Could Get Away With It, Would You Wash Your Hair Less?

By now you know we can be kind of lazy when it comes to, oh, showering and stuff around here. We’re way too busy blogging to spend precious hours on piddling details such as personal hygiene. (Just kidding, we don’t, like, stink or anything. Also, we’re saving the planet, gah!) But especially if you have long hair, you know that you really can spend a whole evening washing it, and those with really fine hair have to shampoo more often than most of us because it gets greasy faster, and it’s just a great big time suck. Enter the miraculous beauty product that is dry shampoo.If you’re in unfamiliar territory here, let me explain: Dry shampoo comes in a variety of formulas–some are just plain powders, some are more advanced mixes of starchy spray-ons–but most allow you to go an extra day or two without getting your hair wet by soaking up excess oils around your roots, which gives the feeling and illusion of freshly washed hair. We’ve all had mornings where our hair looks limp and there’s no time to hop in the shower much less blow-dry our hair, and here is where this kind of product can save your life. While shampoo formulas have become more and more advanced over the years, consider that this type of product goes way back to when people wanted to keep their wigs looking good. In short, this stuff is really time tested and it works.

So, what are the best ones for the job? While hair professionals swear by Klorane, $18, Tresemme recently launched Fresh Start Refreshing Mist, which is more like $5 and therefore worth a try. Then again, I guess you could just shake a little baby powder on there, but that seems a bit messy. Has anyone tried that? Theoretically, that should work, too.