How To Get The Tie Dye Trend Right

Apparently tie dye is a full-blown trend at this point; we literally can’t go a day without being visually assaulted by the stuff. Sometimes, the girls we see wearing it are pulling it off. Other times, however, it’s a hot hippie mess all over the place. If you insist on joining the hordes of latter-day-free-lovers, make sure to get it right. A few tips after the jump.

  • When in doubt, go for a two-color scheme. (As in the color of the underlying fabric and one dye color). You’re less likely to look like you’re in desperate need of an acid hit if you keep it simple. Black and white, for the record, is much harder to screw up than pretty much anything else.
  • Don’t tie-dye head to toe, except in the occasional case of an exceptional maxi dress (like this one, which works). We like the dress at left because it’s not smacking us in the face with its desperation to be on-trend.
  • You can go for a tie die effect without fully committing to an intense pattern. Again, see the dyed stripes on the dress at left. It’s got a distinctly tie dyed feeling but looks totally put together, too.
  • Please don’t go with aggressively different colors — see unfortunate harem pants above — or complicated clothing shapes. Tie dye is a statement enough in and of itself; you don’t need to try five other trends at the same time.