Finally, Cupcakes For Men

We thought everyone liked cupcakes, but apparently some guys find the usual variety a little too cute and unmanly for their tastes. To compensate for the large amount of “girly” cupcake shops and to ensure that men can eat cupcakes without feeling any less masculine, David Arrick started Butch Bakery. The New York City-based company, which recently opened for business, offers baked goods “where butch meets buttercream” in the form of cupcakes (often covered in cam or wood grain) with names like “Jackhammer,” “Beer Run,” “Big Papi,” and “B-52″ (as in the fighter plane, not the group that sings “Love Shack”). How could this market have gone untapped for so long? We already have male-targeted hair dye, skincare products, and even cooking sites, so clearly our cupcakes should be segregated, too. What do you think of these macho cupcakes? [Butch Bakery via Luxist]

UPDATE: So, apparently we wrote about this before, or something. Sorry about that, readers. We do 60+ posts a day here and sometimes we forget what we’ve covered in the past. But hey, is there such thing as too much gender-specific cupcake coverage? I don’t think so. — Editor Amelia

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