Diesel’s Stupid Contest Is Kind Of Smart

We’re the first to admit that Diesel’s Be Stupid ad campaign annoys the hell out of us. For lack of a better word, it’s just, well, stupid. So when we heard that the denim brand was rolling out a contest to go along with the campaign, we weren’t exactly thrilled. As is turns out, though, the Be Stupid contest is by far the smartest part of the whole campaign. If you’ve made enough questionable decisions in your life, you can win everything from an iPad to a motorcycle trip across Europe just for being your dumb-dumb self. Here’s how it works …Pick up a “Be Stupid” sticker at a Diesel store, upload a picture of yourself with said sticker on your forehead and then share your tale of deepest, most adventurous stupidity. Every week, users vote and a winner — let’s call him/her the King of the Dumb — wins an iPad. At the end of the four-week contest, the four weekly winners have an all-out land war for achievements in moron-dom and the winner gets a pretty awesome trip. All in all, it might be worth telling strangers about That One Time in Tijuana for the chance to do it over again. [Refinery 29]