U.K. Department Store Does Pre-Packaged “Gossip Girl” Looks

Despite our qualms with the wardrobe on this season’s “Gossip Girl,” we still know that the show is a huge fashion influence and viewers continue to take inspiration from it. (OK, fine, we admit that we too have put together a few Jenny-esque outfits recently.) For those who don’t want to do the work of finding similar styles, there’s Miss Selfridge’s (the youth-targeted division of the U.K.’s Selfridges department store) new “Gossip Girl” collection. Check after the jump for more images.

Made up of dresses, each piece corresponds with a character. Serena styles are boob-tastic LBDs; Blair gets a typical girly treatment; Vanessa, a boho maxi print; and Jenny goes punk rock glam.

Here’s the thing—in the context of the show, these clothes definitely feel a bit costumey and teenybopper-ish. But … if no one knew where your dress came from … [Red Carpet Fashion Awards]