In Bed With … Reggie Bush

Born: March 2, 1985 in San Diego, California
Sun Sign: Pisces
Ascendant: unknown
Moon: Cancer
Mercury: Pisces
Venus: Aries
Mars: Aries

Love Style:

Newly single and fresh for new meat, Reggie may know how to play the field, but when it comes down to real love, he’s not screwing around. Yes, he’s private. but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love drama, excitement and immense passion. Reggie in one hell of a romantic and when it comes to falling in love, he goes all out and will fight for whom and what he loves. In the courting process this means he can be quite overwhelming, pulling out all the stops in gentlemanly presentation — he’ll wine, dine, and do all the things that make a woman feel like a fairy tale princess. However, being that he does have such a delicate soul that falls so deeply and quickly, he also has a proclivity to fall out of love just as fast. To keep him, one needs to always keep the challenges and fantasies coming, as it’s his attention that is the hardest thing about him to keep.

Sex Style:

Reggie is the man that can cover the bed in rose petals, and then pump you like a flat tire during the Indy 500. Yes, this guy is a walking contradiction. While he can be sugary sweet one moment, the next minute he can easily flip and be wild. He’s got a streak in him that loves everything a bit fast, hard, intense, and unpredictable; often times that doesn’t include so much tenderness. However, he has it in him and can use it under the right conditions. No matter, he gives it like he feels it and isn’t one to hold back his emotions when it comes to anything — especially sex. So, if you bring the right energy to diffuse how overwhelming he can be, then you will have the thing that it takes to make his thing go right. When left in charge, he can be very self-serving and overly energetic, so he needs a lady that can blend in her smoothness to make it all good.

His Type:

Reggie likes his ladies uber feminine and romantic, yet spicy. While he does like to have that trophy piece on his arm, he’s not one for coming home and having no other heat, other than a superficial one. Sure, he loves a good ego stroking like anyone, but when it comes to truly meeting his match, he’d be best with a lady that is an artist, gusty and bold. She isn’t one that is bossy, but does know how to stand her ground and by her man when need be. He likes getting lost in fantasies and desires a woman that can bring that to him, but keep him grounded as well. He likes playing the role of the man in every way, so a lady that can play that wife role in the traditional sense will be up his alley. At the heart of it though, Reggie is a sensitive and shy sweetie with a wild streak that pops out unexpectedly, but pair him up with a lady that can nurture him, keep up with him and make him feel as if it’s the two of them against the world, then you’re sure to be a team of winners.

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