10 Celebrities You Wouldn’t Expect To Sell Scents

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When Kim Kardashian came out with her scent Voluptuous, it made sense. Kim is a sexy lady you probably wouldn’t mind smelling like, and she puts her name on just about anything. But spritzing on a Bruce Willis musk? That may be a little harder to sell. German cosmetics company LR Health & Beauty Systems is out to prove me wrong. LR has partnered with both Leona Lewis and Heidi Klum to make female fragrances and, apparently, the next logical step for the company is crafting a fragrance with Mr. Willis. The scent is set to debut in July, but anymore information is being kept secret. So that leaves us to fill in the blanks. Were thinking a “Bald-Headed Blossoms” perfume, which would be a bold mix of lilac, rose, peonies for the ladies. For the guys a debonair “Orange Pulp Friction,” an aggressive blend of orange, lime, and sandalwood that is guaranteed to get a woman’s attention. What do you think? [People]

So, while we sit around and wait for our check from LR Health & Beauty Systems to come in, take a look at the other unlikely celebrities who have decided to think up a fragrance.

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