Who Should Be The New Master Of The Universe?

heman hotties main jpg
If you had a little brother in the ’80s like I did, then you probably had the entire Castle Grayskull and all the accompanying figurines constantly getting mixed in with your Rose Petal House. You might have even liked them more than your girlie toys but you never told anyone. There was the defender of Eternia and Master of the Universe himself, He-Man, his sister She-Ra, and his archenemy, Skelator. Why do I remember all this crap? Anyhow, they are bringing these characters to life once again in a new feature film set to come out in 2011. Only problem? They haven’t yet cast the muscle-bound, near-nude, Eternia-defending, leading hunk. Sources say that there are four contenders to wield the Power Sword and wear the blessed loincloth: Chris Evans, former Human Torch of the “Fantastic Four” and upcoming Captain America; Kellan Lutz, hot Cullen brother; “True Blood’s” Alexander Skarsgard; and rom-com charmer and soon to be sexy G.I., Channing Tatum. Not bad picks. But we’d like to take this opportunity to play pervy casting director for the day. Shirts off, boys! After the jump, our picks for He-Man. [People]
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