Today’s Lady News: Booooo! No Female Directors At Cannes Competition

  • Hold your horses, people still reveling over Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar night win: not one of the 16 films in the upcoming competition at the Cannes Film Festival was directed by a woman. [Women & Hollywood]
  • The White House forced CBS News to a remove a blog post from their website alleging the potential Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, is gay. [Yahoo]
  • Rev. Michael Pfleger, a Catholic priest in Chicago, said in his sermon on Sunday that women should be allowed to be ordained as priests. But Pfleger apologized for his remarks after his sermon was posted on YouTube and he was barraged by critics. [Chicago Sun-Times]

  • Kansas Gov. Mark Parkinson vetoed a bill yesterday that would require doctors to tell the state a diagnosis justifying the need for a late-term abortion. Although late-term abortions are illegal (and extremely rare), very few of the country’s abortion providers can still do them in order to save the life of the mother. Gov. Parkinson said terminating a pregnancy “is a private decision and should not be dictated by public officials.” [Wichita Eagle]
  • The University of Nebraska Medical Center has cared for almost 600 low-income pregnant women, including illegal immigrants, who lost prenatal care from the state because of a change in the Medicaid program. Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman has refused to restore funding because care may go to women who are in the country illegally. Carl Smith of the UNMC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology said it would cost the school about $600,000 a year to provide that coverage. [Journal Star]
  • State senators in Missouri passed a bill yesterday that would require each woman seeking an abortion to receive a statement, which says, “The life of each human being begins at conception. Abortion will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being.” The bill would also lengthen its existing 24-hour waiting period for abortion. Opponents of abortion said women need more than 24 hours to be aware of what stage the aborted fetus is at biologically. However, proponents of abortion rights say waiting periods make it more difficult for women to terminate their pregnancies, especially if they are missing work or are traveling a long distance. [CNBC]
  • Newsweek reminds us that young women have also been victimized by priests in the Catholic Church. (And, of course, girls are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse overall.) [Newsweek]
  • ReadWriteWeb asks why there are hardly any female founders and venture capitalists in the start-up community. [ReadWriteWeb]


  • Family planning authorities in China are attempting to sterilize 10,000 women and men against their will. The victims are accused of violating, or planning to violate, the “one couple, one child” policy. [Times of London]
  • Some Afghan women — who have been forced to wear body-covering burqas — are appalled that Europeans would consider banning Muslim women from wearing the veil and see this as a double standard. [Washington Post]