Random Uses For Shower Caps

Travel much? HotelChatter wants to give you some suggestions on how to recycle or get the best use out of hotel shower caps. Some of these suggestions are actually pretty useful! (Even though a few have some scary implications.) There are a few good uses for your travel wardrobe—try packing shoes in a spare cap, stuffing one with dirty underwear, or reorganizing “your clothes drawers by rolling belts or scarves or knit hats up in shower caps.” (On second thought, that sounds like something our grandmothers might do.)

Otherwise you can make your iPad really ugly by using a cap as a touchscreen cover.

The best tip, however, would be to use your shower cap to cover the remote in your hotel room. Apparently, those things are germ farms gone wild and can contain traces of nasty diseases like herpes. Gross. [HotelChatter]