How To Mix And Match, Hardcore-Style

Model Iekeline Stange is a master of some pretty intense mixing and matching. Her skills are so prodigious, in fact, that Modelinia put together a post on ways to steal her style. They were a little conservative though, given that Stange is generally wearing a handful of different prints, textures and accessories at any given time. Take the jump for tips on how to successfully mix and match really intensely without crossing the line into ridiculousness.

  • Mix textures, not just prints. Notice how Iekeline is doing laces, solids and prints? That’s easier to pull off than just 50 different prints.
  • Things shouldn’t necessarily match, but pay attention to your color palette and make sure it’s not a hideous combo.
  • Don’t get out of control. There’s mixing and matching and then there’s a hot mess. After you put the outfit together, take a minute and then look in the mirror. If you’ve crossed the line, it should be apparent.
  • Pull a Coco Chanel and remove the last accessory you put on. You’re going for cool, not clutter.
  • Don’t let any one thing totally overwhelm. Try to balance your pieces in size and/or intensity.