Gift For Gab: Your Best Comments For The Week Of April 26th 2010

We here at The Frisky live for celeb gossip, chocolate, and your comments. What can we say? You crack us up! Each week we’re going to shout out to our smart, sexy, and incisive readers, who aren’t afraid to talk smack on the internet. And you can get in on the action too. Tell us your favorite comments of the week below. JazzHale in Spencer Pratt, This Is Your Future: Woman Knocks Man Out … With Her Chest

“Why are they laughing? You know I’m getting a bit peeved at all the LOLs at non funny things. I told a friend I had an ulcer in a text. She goes lol. Are you serious? Somethings are NOT funny. This being one of them.

I need to do a PSA. Pause before you lol in text or real life.

IEatCrayons in Quickies: Larry King Is Gearing Up For Bajillionth Divorce & Kate Walsh’s Expensive Split

“Larry King cheated on his wife with her relative? Hmmm I don’t know, that sounds like some Heartbreakers type ish to me.
Step 1. I marry the rich man.

Step 2. I enlist you(other attractive woman) to get him to sleep with you so I can catch him cheating on me with you.

Step 3. I file for divorce on grounds of infedelity.

Step 4. I’m rich biaaatch!!!

meredith806 in Quick Pic: Khloe Kardashian Battles “Vajayjay” And “Aunt Flow”

“At the moment, I’m using some choice expletives to talk about Aunt Flo. She’s an evil bitch. However, plus side, my boyfriend bought me a Hershey’s chocolate caramel bar. I didn’t even know this existed. It is AMAZING.”

miss dee in Star Couplings: Melissa Etheridge And Tammy Lynn Michaels Are Over!

“Deriving great joy out of following that PopEater link and down-voting homophobic comments.”

retro chic in Quotable: Jessica Simpson Does Chores, But Hates One In Particular

“To me, the ultimate benefit of the Internet would be: an app that could take my laundry and deliver it clean and folded in each drawer. Bliss.

Someone get to work on that please.”

ladyredlocks in 10 Post-Breakup Hotties

“This could also be looked at another way: The relationships didn’t last because the women were coming into their own with their success and beauty, style and confidence. When the dynamics in a relationship change, it often won’t last much longer.”

_jsw_ in Hugh Hefner: The New Poster Boy For Monogamy?

“I’m just happy that somewhere out there is a woman (possibly a girl) who, in a decade or so, will give birth to someone I can marry several decades from now.

_That_ is what I’ve learned from Hugh.”

Anaxa in 20 Things To Never Say To A Woman In Bed

“I would like to add ‘Thank you’ to this list. I’m not performing you a service, so don’t act like I am.”

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