Cristiano Ronaldo’s Sex Scandal Leads To Lame Body-Snarking

Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is a sports god in Europe, and he has the salary to prove it. Ronaldo is starting to register with non-sports-centered Americans too, especially after a very brief fling with Paris Hilton. So, like all good potential celebrities, Ronaldo has a sex scandal brewing. A woman named Naya recently hit the airwaves to give a detailed account of her roll in the hay with the soccer superstar. The 21-year-old gave an exclusive interview to a Spanish television show dishing the dirty details. The reason the show got the exclusive interview? It is rumored that the media outlet paid her to bed the actor and then promised to go on-air about it! In other words, these TV execs may have been willing to basically prostitute this woman (who went along with it, in theory) to get superficial details about Cristiano Ronaldo’s sex life — what a crazy story, right? Yet, that isn’t what’s catching media attention. Press and opinions about the tryst instead are focusing on the fact that this women is “fat.” When I hear whispers that entertainment reporters are willing to go to immoral extremes, it makes my skin itch and I momentarily rethink my decision to major in journalism. So when I heard that a media outlet was allegedly paying Naya to ensure that she would have sex with Ronaldo and they would get a story, I expected the rest of the media — including everyday online watchdogs — to be all over it. Instead they chose to lash out at the size and shape of Naya, expressing outrage that Ronaldo would bed such a “big” woman.

In my opinion, Naya looks to be a beautiful woman with a healthy body and a certain natural glow about her. If the reports about her getting paid prior to having sex with Ronaldo are true, then holy bad judgment! If the public is going to attack her for anything, it should be that, not the fact that she doesn’t look like the typical celebrity super-thin pass-around that famous men usually bed. The healthier body image that people fight for and hope to see in entertainment and the world starts with instances like this. We need to start holding people accountable to their choices and stop picking their physical appearance apart as a replacement. [Global Grind]