We Like These “American Idol” Accessories Better Than The Singing

We’ve heard quite a few people complain that this season of “American Idol” is, well, lackluster. Where are the show-stopping, tear-inducing performances? While we haven’t gotten goosebumps listening to the contestants sing, we couldn’t take our eyes off Siobhan Magnus’s cute bracelets (which she wore with floral Dr. Martens). Lenora Dame designed the animal-covered decoupage bangles, and her fun, eclectic jewelry mixes old and new materials — and almost all of it cost less than $100. Click through to see four of our favorite pieces from Lenora Dame’s line.

Little Bird Necklace, $28, Lenora Dame
Alphabet Bracelet, $80, Lenora Dame
Fuchsia Pearl Beadcap Drop Earring, $35, Lenora Dame
Earthtone Geometric Large Teardrop, $64, Lenora Dame