Was Larry King Sleeping With His (Soon-To-Be-Ex) Wife’s Sister?

Unlike Ryan Phillippe, Larry King has the divorce thing down to a science. Yesterday, he and wife numero seven, Shawn Southwick, filed divorce papers—and of course, there’s a scandal involved. Allegedly, Larry has been having an affair for five years with his wife’s sister, Shannon Engleman. According to TMZ, he showered Shannon with crazy expensive gifts, like a $160K car and Cartier jewelry, which he purchased on his credit card. Shawn happened to see a statement, saw a charge for a diamond necklace she never received, and became suspicious. Sources at “Larry King Live” told Radar that Shannon did visit the set often, while Shawn never did. “[Shannon] was always very comfortable around Larry. Their relationship seemed very natural.” If this is true — and everyone from the gossip mags to “The Today Show” is talking about it — I feel pretty terrible for Shawn. It’s one thing to find out your hubby is cheating—but geez, with your sister? That’s just foul. I’d much rather it be an intern. That said, Shawn may not be completely faultless here. Larry has accused her of cheating with one of her kid’s baseball coaches. Oh, what a mess.