Out Magazine Lists The Most Influential Gay Men And Women Of The Year

Out Magazine’s “Power 50” is a list of the most powerful gay peeps in the country. It just dropped, and we’re pretty excited about it. The mag ranks people based on their political clout, pop culture value, wealth and, of course, their personal life. Numero uno on the list was David Geffen, a record exec, producer and all around big shot. He was followed by Anderson Cooper, which surprised me quite a bit because, last time I checked, he’s tight-lipped on the subject on his sexuality. I’m definitely not down with assuming, and I’m pretty sure the mag’s readers were none too pleased, either. But, hey, let’s not give all our attention to the dudes. After the jump, look at the big shot lesbians.Since she’s reportedly worth about $65 million, I wasn’t really surprised to see that Ellen DeGeneres came in third in the list. Rosie O’Donnell, with “The View” and her gay family vacation empire, was ranked sixth. Further down the list was Christine Quinn, New York City’s Speaker of City Council and the first out person to hold political office. Rachel Maddow and Wanda Sykes also made an appearance on the list.

I’m sure Out has the best intentions, but I think their “Power 50″ is a bit lopsided. Not only is it lacking in ladies, but a lot of those listed work in the media—notably Perez Hilton and Chi Chi LaRue. I’d like to see some more great minds and people who are actually doing something for the LGBT community. But, hey, at least this list is out there. No pun intended.

What do you think?