Bye-Bye, “Betty”

It’s such a shame that almost as soon as Betty Suarez ditched the braces, plucked her eyebrows and started wearing funky ensembles that were cool rather than weird, “Ugly Betty” is over. From episode one, I loved the show. Part of it was that, when the series began, I was an associate editor at Jane and appreciated that, while incredibly hyperbolic, the portrayal of Mode wasn’t that far off from what I witnessed on a daily basis. Sure, I never donned a poncho, but there were definitely moments when I, with my dreams of being a “serious” journalist, felt grossly out of step with the world around me. And having served as an editor-in-chief’s assistant for two years, I really liked how the show captured that intense bond between editors and assistants in a much more real way than, say, “The Devil Wears Prada.” As the show progressed, I loved how Betty started to come into her own, landing an assistant editor gig and breaking hearts along with way.

But I wasn’t exactly sure what to make of last night’s episode. (If you’re waiting to watch it, I would stop reading now.)Here are my beefs. First of all, while I liked the plotline of Betty getting offered a big deal job—I wish it wasn’t in London. Part of the show for me was about the total outsider conquering the New York media world. I wanted Betty to make it HERE, as Frank Sinatra would’ve wanted her to. Watching her decamp for London felt as wrong as watching Carrie Bradshaw leave for Paris with The Russian in the final season of “Sex and the City.” New York City is a vital character in both these shows.

Second issue: I just don’t buy the whole maybe-Daniel-is-in-love-with-Betty thing. Yes, Daniel and Betty’s relationship was key to the show. While Betty was showing she could hustle and be a good editor, Daniel was proving that he could be a good guy rather than a looks-ist douche. But, please—these two have no chemistry. Like I said before, the bond between assistant and assisted is a very unique one. However, it’s also totally unromantic and asexual. These two will be lifelong friends. Implying that there’s something more felt … inauthentic to the show.

Perhaps my aversion to Betty/Daniel is that I always thought Henry was the adorablest, and was secretly hoping he’d come gallivanting in, realize he’d been a total dolt, and declare his undying love for Betty? I don’t know.

All this said, when the words “Ugly Betty” flashed on the screen at the end and the word “Ugly” dissolved, I did get a little choked up.

So what did you think of last night’s episode?