Before I Die I Want To …

Before I die I want to” is a cool web project that invites participants to send in Polaroid snapshots of themselves saying one thing they want to do before they die. The project aims to explore the questions about mortality awareness, self-motivation, and what values different societies hold important. The creators hope the project “will create a new dialogue in the realm of sociological art” and “urge people towards thinking about and fulfilling their life goals.” Participants will be contacted in five, 10, 15 and 20 years to see if they’ve accomplished their goals yet. They’ll then be asked to write a short story next to their photo on the website about achieving their dream. “Seeing online that other people are fulfilling their desires will motivate participants to complete their task and write a story of their own.” So, what are some of your life goals? After the jump, ten things I want to do before I die.

  1. Eat at a diner in every single state.
  2. Become a mom.
  3. Go skiing again.
  4. Publish a book.
  5. Buy fruit from an open air market in Argentina.
  6. Win big in the lottery.
  7. Buy a home.
  8. Create a documentary TV show.
  9. Go on a safari.
  10. Change someone’s life (for the better).
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