Sign The Economy Is On The Up? Black Is Out, Bold Is In

When the economy hit its first slump, the fashion industry became one of the many lenses through which we measured the damage. So, it’s only natural to gauge the recession’s overall improvement by monitoring positive changes in the fashion world. Today, The New York Times asserts that a resurgence of bright, bold clothing is a tell-tale sign that the economy is recovering.
Of course, there’s little scientific data showing a direct correlation between the new colorful trend and consumerism. However, explains the Times, “such bursts of zeal have given a tentative boost to a sagging apparel industry. Retail sales figures released last week showed the strongest monthly gains in a decade.”

But the idea here is more about an attitude shift: “The profusion of hothouse colors and patterns popping up on New York streets this month suggests a new buoyancy, as women shake off the constraints of a lingering recession and stock up on fashions more lively and vivid than they’ve seen in years.” So, fun, bubbly prints are causing shoppers to happily purchase more? Do you agree? Are you drawn to pretty patterns and colors recently, and are you putting down money for them? [New York Times]