The Trauma Of Dumping A Friend

With all this guilt we’ve been trying to unload lately, it seems there’s still guilt surrounding one very sensitive issue: breaking up with friends. Even though we know there are plenty of good reasons to end friendships that no longer work, it’s still super hard to pull the trigger. In a study at the University of Manchester in England involving 200 people, researchers discovered what most of us already know: “There is a real sense of duty which is hard to break. The ethics of friendship are very strong which makes it very hard to end a friendship, even when it has stopped being fun, because we feel terribly guilty about it.” Research showed that, duh, it’s often easier and less traumatic to do the ol’ “fade away” rather than making a clean break. And, wow, researchers even found that being on the receiving end of a friendship breakup sucks and can leave you feeling “betrayed and full of self-doubt.” You don’t say! So, what have been your experiences with friendship breakups? Have you done the fade-away or made an outright breakup? Have you been the dumper or the dumpee? [via Daily Mail]