Michelle McGee Actually Says Something Intelligent: “Stop Taking It Out On The Mistresses”

Face-tattooed, neo-Nazi Michelle “Bombshell” McGee has actually said something not completely insane/inane. Stop the presses! PopEater tells us in an interview with the gossip show “Inside Edition,” McGee implored America:

“I want to say the rest of the country, ‘Stop taking it out on the mistresses and start taking it out on the men who are cheating on their wives.’ Why are these men getting off scot-free when the mistresses are considered whore and we’re stepped on and we’re booed and we’re called nasty names?”

Damn straight, girl. That’s called the sexual double standard and it sucks.It seems Michelle McGee has learned the harsh truth of sexual politics in 2010: Boys will be boys (men need sex so desperately, you see!) but you women better not be trampy, whoring sluts. Or else.

I’m not saying women like “Bombshell,” Ashley Dupre, Rielle Hunter or the many women who’ve rolled around with Tiger Woods haven’t behaved unethically. What I am saying is these women are branded as “sluts” for time immemorial while the cheaters themselves go about their business, playing the Masters Tournament (Tiger) or reconsidering another political run (Eliot Spitzer). It’s not equal.

Sadly, I know this harsh truth well. (I’ve written about it before on The Frisky, which you can read for the full back story.) I wasn’t technically the “mistress” because the guy who cheated with me was not married. But I was the “other woman” and my experience was the same. I don’t expect you to cry me a river over this story, but I’m sharing it with you nevertheless because I believe Michelle McGee is right about the double standard:

I’ve lost friends (their decision, not mine) who have not spoken a single word to me or returned emails since the day they found out I was fooling around with Ben*, the guy with the girlfriend. Now, I am one sexy bitch, but I did not, I repeat, did not cast some sexy voodoo spell on Ben, luring him into my insidious vaginal web. Everything that happened between us was a two-way street: the phone calls, texting, flirting, IMing, the domination/submission sex play. He even took me to his apartment where we hooked up on his bed. I didn’t, uh, break in to his apartment. He took me there. In a taxi. Which he paid for.

Yet I am the one who has been ex-communicated by people I’d known for years. I’d moved these people into and out of their apartments. I’d brought them home for weekends at my parents’ house. I’d listened to them talk for hours — literally — about relationship troubles. And the kicker is that I am still “friends” with these people on Facebook and I see the photos they post hanging out with Ben: going to birthday parties, out to bars, the works.

It would be funny if it weren’t sad.

(Oh, by the way, last time I checked, Ben is still with his girlfriend. They went to Turks & Caicos together! I guess their relationship just magically got 100 percent better once the slut — me — was gotten rid of.)

I know these ex-friends are hypocrites (and a**holes, in my humble opinion). But still, their embrace of the sexual double standard stings. I know I don’t actually want to be friends with these people, anyway, yet it really bothers me that I’m the one who has been punished for this and he hasn’t. Because I shouldn’t have tempted him? Because I should have been able to control my hormones better? Because I owed Ben’s girlfriend something that … Ben didn’t?

So, I hear you, Michelle McGee. When it comes to affairs, the Jesse Jameses of the world are getting off scot-free while the other women are penalized for being whores. You’re right; it’s not fair.

I can’t help with you that Nazi stuff, though. You’re on your own there.