Laura Day: Psychic To The Stars Or Con Artist?

New Agey celebs such as Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman, and Jennifer Aniston are big fans of psychic/author Laura Day, who wrote three bestsellers including How To Rule The World From Your Couch, which sounds amazing if it really worked. But according to Adam Robinson, the co-founder of the Princeton Review and Laura’s ex, she is nothing but a con artist. Robinson is suing Day, claiming that he supported her financially, wrote most of her bestselling books, and that she used his “psychological weaknesses” to manipulate him out of his money. Whatever the heck that means. Robinson’s story goes that they met in 1994 and became romantically involved. He even became a surrogate father to Day’s son. Day was destitute, so Robinson says he helped her write her book proposal for Practical Intuition, which earned her a huge advance. Then she kept all the money for herself and even swindled him out of his own money, saying her son needed it. Now he’s destitute. I’ll save you the complicated financial details and simply tell you that the whole mess adds up to a $14 million lawsuit.

Day says that all the allegations are lies and that Robinson is out for is revenge. Sounds like they are dueling it out to see who will ultimately rule the world from the couch. Just one question—if she’s a psychic intuitive, why didn’t she foresee that this guy was a douche? Riddle me that! [NY Post]