It’s Cool To Sell Padded Bras For Children, Right?

Um, yeah, not so much. In the strongest case of “What were they thinking?!?” ever, British clothing chain Primark decided to yank hot pink and gold star-printed padded bikinis off its shelves after facing pressure from child protection advocates who felt the products sexualized children. Gee willickers, ya think?While the company is doing its best to make amends–all profits made from the sales of these crappy bathing suits will go to a children’s charity–it’s a shame these were ever in production, not to mention bought by the store and God knows how many parents in the first place. And, unfortunately, Primark isn’t the only store that boasts a questionable judgment department. Recently, a store called Asda was singled out for selling push-up bras made for young girls, and Tesco finally had the good sense to pull a pole-dancing kit from its toy section. Seriously? [Newser]

Sure, this is all happening in the U.K., but it’s not like sexualized kids’ toys and fashions aren’t foreign here in the States. For one, check out those slutty-looking Bratz dolls for cripe’s sake. And with little girl role models like Miley Cyrus, who seems adept at flashing flesh on the internet every chance she gets, it seems like girls are bombarded with sexual imagery from a younger and younger age. Thoughts?