Forever 21 Lookbook Styling: Confusing, Terrifying

Big, mainstream brands like J.Crew and Target have done an exceptional job turning their images around with the help of artful styling. In the case of the former, Jenna Lyons and a team of hip stylists create the kind of frothy tableaus you see here and lookbooks to compete with any high-fashion brand, and the latter gets the job done thanks to collaborations with “it” designers like Rodarte. Forever 21 has evolved into a more sophisticated brand as well, attracting plenty of over-21s who want to buy into their sweet, oh-so-sweetly priced trendy goods. We love ‘em! But when it comes to the professional styling game, it looks like this season at least, they have failed. No really. FAIL. [Nitrolicious]

A few more puzzling Southwestern-themed combinations, after the jump!
Why, we never thought to pair a pink leopard-spotted tank (leotard?) with a Native American-inspired belt and tapered khakis. We will be sure to jump on this nifty styling trick going forward!

Maybe I am turned off by this lightly layered look because I believe I put something like this together to wear to a Tom Petty concert when I was like 13 or 14, and I was all on my way out the door then my mom was like, “Um, no.” Bad memories, ya know?