Fashion Objection! Lawyers Get A Lesson In What Not To Wear

If lawyers had half the fashion enthusiasm of Elle Woods, they might actually stand a chance of being liked. (Or at least, they’d remain one of the world’s most hated groups, but look good enduring it.) Because the Chicago Bar Association considers poor legal style such an issue, the organization hosted a fashion show called “What Not to Wear” where law students presented themselves before a panel of judges for evaluation of their court room style. Some of the critiques were harsh and biting, which isn’t surprising. Some objections: “The interview world is no place for a cheap, ugly tie,” “I shouldn’t know anything about your underwear… bra straps are meant to be hidden, and “Khakis were invented for men who can’t match clothes.” Amen to that.

The blogger behind Legally Fabulous went to this fashion show, re-capped the dos and don’ts and noted this: “What I didn’t expect was that people would have such a hard time grasping such basic concepts. Mostly: don’t dress like a slut.” Here, she’s posted some pics of her style-forward lawyer friend, citing good examples of conservative yet feminine dress. In the end, it would seem that female lawyers should play the safe route with their wardrobe choices, and should they deviate too much, they better have a good argument to support their case.

Any lawyers out there who care to comment? [Above The Law]