Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Kim Kardashian’s First Period

In a feat of alliteration, Kris, Khloe and Kim Kardashian are now shilling for Kotex! In a video posted on Khloe’s blog, the telegenic fam feigns interest in boxes of Kotex tampons that just happen to be lying around their kitchen counters. “They like to empower women and get a dialogue going!” says Mom Kris Jenner. Then we hear all about the very special moments when each Kardashian became a woman …

Are you ready for it?!

Kim had just come back from seeing “Batman” and horseback riding in Malibu for Khloe’s birthday. Khloe got hers in Palm Springs!

Sheesh, the Kardashians even menstruate rich. [KhloeKardashian.Celebuzz.com via Crushable]