Does Talking Fashion On A Date Weird You Out?

I’m into beta males—artists, nerds, intellectuals—so I’m fairly used to a guy with metrosexual tendencies. True, I like and appreciate a well-dressed boy with style, but I tend to assume that his real knowledge of fashion doesn’t go past “nice shoes,” and “your t*ts look good in that top.” So when I’m on a date, and we get to the “what do you do?” part, and I respond, “I’m a writer, I mainly write about fashion and style,” I expect that he won’t probe too much more. Yet, lately on my dates, I’ve been blown away by some of the fashion speak men have thrown out. Opinions about sophisticated designers like the late Alexander McQueen or knowing that Nicolas Ghesquière is the creative director of Balenciaga. An up-to-date knowledge of goings-on in the fashion world. Positive commentary on the genre/style of my outfit. Wow! (Disclaimer: I do happen to live in Paris, so this is slightly understandable, but it hasn’t just been French guys … )

Have you ever had discussions about fashion on a first date? Did you find it endearing or off-putting?