DIY THE Balmain Blazer

Everyone loves the Balmain look — dripping in studs, accentuated with grommets, and full of decoration. The price, however, makes your wallet hurt just thinking about it. But thanks to the good world of the internet and a few fancy DIY individuals, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t create your own Balmain-inspired pieces. Read on for a few tips to keep in mind while turning your plain Jane blazer into an embellished one worthy of Christophe Decarnin’s aesthetic.

  • Do Your Research: Study the fine art of applying metal pieces, before you ruin your fingertips.
  • Get Stud-Happy: Learn which style you’re going for and gather your supplies.
  • Plan Your Look: Take a second to map it all out, so that you know just how to go about your DIY project and exactly where to place each stud, grommet, and embellishment.

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