“Blind With Jealousy” Is Totally A Real Thing

I kind of love it when lame sayings turn out to have a basis in reality. Well, apparently there is some truth to the phrase “blinded by jealousy.” In a bizarro experiment, couples were brought into a lab at the University of Delaware. The men and women were seated at separate computers where they could see each other, but not each other’s screens. The women’s task was to spot specific landscapes during a barrage of images, many of them gross. The men were asked to rate said landscapes. Midway through the experiment, a proctor switched the men’s task. They were now told to rate the images of single women, while the women were to continued with their given task of spotting the landscapes. Afterward, the women were asked to rate how bothered they were by the fact that their dudes were rating other women. The more jealous they reported feeling, the worse they did on spotting the landscapes—they literally couldn’t see them as well. Interesting, but how do they get the money for these experiments again? And when are they gonna test what happens when guys feel jealous? [Daily Mail]

Tags: health, jealousy