Beauty How-To: Make Lipstick Last

They don’t call it lip “stick” just because of its shape. The stuff should stay on! We’ve pulled a coffee cup away from our mouths, just to find our hot pink lip-print all over the thing. Not cute. Luckily, we’ve got the ways to make your color stay put, right after the jump … Gather Your Materials
Primer, powder, liner, lipstick: your four essentials.

Apply Your Primer
To moisturize and prep your pout, apply a colorless lip primer before you start to play with shading.

Apply Your Powder
Pat on a little of your usual, skin-colored, powder. Not only will the neutral tone make your color really pop, but the dry fragments will secure lipstick in place.

Apply Your Lip Liner
Lip liner helps to add fullness and structure to your lips. Use a color close to (but never darker than) your lipstick and trace a line at the edge of your mouth.

Apply Your Lipstick
Starting in the middle of your bottom lip, fill in your lips diligently and stay inside the lines as much as possible. You can thank your lip liner for helping you on this one!

Apply Your Powder Again
Believe it or not, putting powder on your lips after the lipstick has been applied will actually help it stop smudging or wearing off prematurely. Blot the powder onto your lips and wait 20 seconds for it to set.

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