Today’s Lady News: The First Rule Of Getting Butt Implants

  • The first rule of getting butt implants is make sure your “surgeon” actually has a license to practice medicine. A Queens spa owner, Barbara Nieto, 27, was charged Friday with assault, unlawfully practicing medicine and endangering the life of a client. For the low, low cost of $500, Nieto allegedly removed fat from Augusta Velez’s stomach and injected it into her butt. Velez ended up in the hospital to avoid a dangerous septic infection. [New York Daily News]
  • Nebraska’s Gov. Dave Heineman plans to sign into law a bill that bans abortions after 20 weeks. Abortions in the second- and third-trimester are already illegal in most circumstances, but Nebraska’s bill is based on the assumption a fetus can feel pain by 20 weeks. [AP]
  • Here’s a Craigslist posting under “Freelance Writer Desired”: “Four literary gentlemen seek prominently published female freelance writer for wholesome strip tease.” Please tell me this is a joke? [Gawker]

  • Katie Washington, 21, is the first black valedictorian — and first black female valedictorian, obvi ‚ in the history of Notre Dame University. She’s a biology major and Catholic social teaching minor with a 4.0 GPA. [Feministing]
  • House lawmakers in Tennessee passed a bill yesterday that bans abortion coverage in any health care plan funded by Obama’s health care reform. Tennessee’s House passed the ban on state money used for this purpose, despite the fact that federal law already bans the same thing. [Nashville Public Radio]
  • Anthony Hopkins, a preacher in southern Alabama, is standing trial in the murder of his wife, whom he allegedly killed after she learned he had sexually abused her daughter (his stepdaughter) since she was 11. Standing trial in Mobile, Hopkins denies responsibility for his wife’s murder and said he did not get sexually involved with his stepdaughter, who he blames for tempting him by wearing a “chocolate negligee,” until she was age 19. []
  • Police in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, say two women, ages 22 and 23, saved a 22-year-old woman from an attempted sexual assault on Saturday night when they heard her screams. The victim was attacked by a man who dragged her behind a garbage container; the women rushed to help her after they heard her screams and one of them chased the perpetrator down the street. [The Morning Call]
  • Two writers for Forbes accuse business schools of failing female students. [Forbes]
  • Is “Glee” making female nerds … dare we say … hot right now? Blogger Amanda Marcotte investigates. [The American Prospect]


  • Taliban gunmen shot and killed an 18-year-old Afghan woman who worked at a U.S.-based development company in Kandahar this morning as part of their campaign to intimidate women from participating in civic life. Women who seek education and jobs in Afghanistan are frequently a target of Taliban harassment. [AP]
  • Tilern DeBique, 28, a single mother from St. Vincent in the Caribbean, won a sexual and racial discrimination lawsuit against the British army yesterday. DeBique said she had to leave her job as a corporal because the military would not help with childcare (sexual discrimination), nor would it allow her to bring a relative from the Caribbean to care for the child (racial discrimination). [Telegraph]