The Many Loves Of Oprah Winfrey

I’m sure the Big O has been bracing herself for the release of her unauthorized biography by Kitty Kelley due out today. Of course, a few people got their grubby paws on advanced copies, so the mudslinging and dirt-dishing got off to an early start. I’m thinking that Oprah must be outraged about the allegations in the book that her Aunt Katherine has accused her of lying about her sexual abuse. I’m not going to touch that one. But I will touch on the details of her relationship with John Tesh. According to the book, Tesh, pianist and former host of “Entertainment Tonight,” had a serious relationship with Oprah when they worked together in Nashville in her early 20s. They even lived together for a time before the pressures of an interracial relationship proved to be too much for him to handle and he bolted in the middle of the night. Uh oh, that’s not cute. [The Huffington Post, NY Daily News]

After the jump, some other dudes (and one lady) who we think may get a chapter in the book of O.

  • Anthony Otey. Oprah’s high school sweetheart, Otey claims Oprah broke it off because she no longer had time for the relationship, while Oprah says that Otey broke it off saying she would hold him back. All in all, sounds pretty run-of-the mill except for the shock Otey felt when he found out that Oprah got around and was pregnant before they got together. [Famous Hookups]
  • William “Bubba” Taylor. Oprah met Bubba at Tennessee State University and a tumultuous love affair ensued. This is Oprah’s “bad” relationship. It is rumored that she begged this guy to marry her and even threatened to off herself when he wouldn’t. Should be juicy and fatal attraction-esque. [People]
  • Roger Ebert. Oprah’s date with film critic Roger Ebert changed her life. Even though the two were not a romantic match, Roger was the person who convinced her to syndicate her talk show. The two remain friends to this day. Awwww. []
  • Randolph Cook. This is the dude who tried to write a tell-all book about how he and Oprah lived together and smoked lots of crack. Clearly Oprah was not into that book ever coming out, even though she has admitted to doing drugs in the past. I’m sure Kitty Kelley was all over that. Crack is whack. [Hollywood Grind]
  • Stedman Graham. As we all know, Oprah and Stedman have been together since 1986. That’s 24 years now! They were engaged in 1992 but called the wedding off. Ever since then, everyone has been speculating about the relationship. Is it real or is it a cover-up for a more, err, alternative relationship that Oprah is involved in. Maybe we’ll find out for reals this time. [Wikipedia]
  • Gayle King. No unauthorized biography about Oprah would be complete without a chapter about her best girlfriend, Gayle King. Even though Oprah has made public statements denying anything but friendship between her and Gayle, the public is still skeptical. So are they or aren’t they? We need to know already. [Blog Critics]