Rub Strangers With Sunscreen And Other Awesome Summer Jobs

A French resort is currently hiring sunscreen butlers. You heard me right—they are on the hunt for young, attractive French-speaking applicants to rub suntan lotion on sexy sunbathers for $1,160 a week. They call folks who do this job “creamers” and have deemed this position as the “job of the summer.”

While we are well aware that unattractive people lie in the sun, too, pulling in close to $14K for three months work while perfecting your own tan sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Here are a few other summer dream jobs to track down.

  • Vermont might not be a big beach destination, but if you can land a gig giving tours of the Ben & Jerry’s factory, you get something almost as awesome as money and a suntan: You get to take home three free pints of ice cream a day. Sure, you’ll be pale and 30 pounds heavier by the end of the summer, but you’ll probably be pretty happy, too. [ABC News]
  • Last year, Australia’s Hamilton Island paid a guy $100,000 to blog from the Great Barrier Reef after he won the competition called “Best Job in the World.” He got to live for free in a 3-bedroom villa with a pool and work as a caretaker for six months, while swimming, snorkeling, relaxing, and making way too much money. Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma County offered a similar gig—they offered $60K for a candidate to update the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts for six months while living for free at the winery. What, don’t most bloggers make big bucks while working out of beach villas? [Mashable, Mashable]
  • Another plush job, perfect for newlyweds, is working as a honeymoon tester. A agency called Runaway Bride and Groom arranged such a job for one lucky couple. For their assignment, they had to travel—with all expenses paid—to places like the Maldives, Thailand and Zanzibar, visiting resorts and honeymoon destinations and reporting back with details. On top of the free six-month vacation, the couple was also paid nearly $30K. This would be the best job ever if it didn’t require all that being in love nonsense. [AOL Jobs]
  • The San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino in Puerto Rico has something called a YouTube Concierge, who helps guests record a 30-second video to send to friends and family back home. They get paid to make YouTube video postcards of the beautiful resort. I don’t know if you youngsters have figured this out yet, but understanding the internet is shockingly useful in a world where so many people don’t know how to turn off their own cell phones. [ABC News]
  • It might not be the most lucrative summer job, but if you ever dreamed about “running away with the circus,” now’s the time. You might only make $250 a week, but you get to travel and meet really interesting people. You’ll also get to learn their carny language so you can talk like a 1920s gangster and if you’re ever in trouble and drop some lingo, bearded ladies and strongmen will come to your rescue. Probably. [Trivia Library]