Strange Marilyn Monroe Memorabilia For Sale

I get that Marilyn Monroe was like the biggest sex symbol of all time. But how obsessed with her would you have to be to want to buy her chest x-ray? Seems creepy to me, but the auction house manager charged with selling her 1954 x-ray is confident that people will want this “ultimate look into the legend.” Yeah, that doesn’t sound stalkerish at all. In fact, he thinks this chest x-ray, taken while she was undergoing treatment for endometriosis, will bring in at least $1,200. Not me said the flea—I don’t want a dead woman’s x-ray in my house. Nor do I want her psychiatrist’s couch or her financial records, which are also up for auction. [Newser]

After the jump, some more Marilyn memorabilia that you could have had but you’re probably glad you don’t.

  • Don’t you wish the crypt above Marilyn’s could be yours for all eternity? Well, it still can be! The auctioneer failed to sell her late husband’s mausoleum when it went up for auction on eBay. Do I hear $500,000 anyone? Seriously? [Access Hollywood]
  • Too bad you didn’t pounce on Marilyn’s bathrobe while you could. Some lucky sod is drying off with it everyday for a cool $120,000. Let’s hope that sucker is plush. [Targana]
  • Marilyn would be rolling over in her grave (below the expensive crypt for auction) if she knew that her illicit sex tape was sold to a New York businessman for $1.5 million. Hey, 15 minutes of 16mm film of Marilyn performing oral sex on an anonymous man must be worth at least that much, right? [BuzzFeed]
  • Next time you attend a special birthday party, be the belle of the ball in that dress Marilyn wore when she sang “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy. If you want it, you may have to bribe the owner with more than $1,267,500 buckaroos. Or maybe you can ask for it as a birthday gift. [OK!]