Japanese Men “Bored” With Fashion, Turn To Skirts

We have to give props to Japanese dudes for their willingness to explore fashion options. True, the country’s guido-inspired OraOra look didn’t quite capture us, but there’s something to be said for pushing extremes. The latest trend on the streets of Tokyo is one that’s made a brief comic appearance in the U.S.—skirts for men. And they are seriously going for it.Over in the trend-crazy Harajuku district, guys are sporting the “murt” with pride, and even in a variety of styles, reports the Independent. The look might include “miniskirts worn over jeans to longer,” or “figure-hugging varieties worn with trainers or sandals.”

The question remains—how different are American and Japanese men that one culture could adopt the murt and the other laugh at it? Fashion, especially in Tokyo, is a demanding lifestyle, and trendy Japanese kids are much more apt to thirst for new trends. Says one Japanese skirt retailer, “These are the sort of people who are bored with existing fashions, are desperate for a new ‘look’ and realize that they can be fashionable in a skirt.” Got it? [Independent.co.uk]