“Glee” Crystal Ball: What To Expect For The Rest Of The Season

Get out your karaoke machine and start practicing your Journey, because “Glee” comes back tonight, folks! We know that in the second half of this season, Idina Menzel will play Vocal Adrenaline’s coach, Olivia Newton-John will be a judge at Regionals, and Jennifer Lopez will be a cafeteria worker at McKinley High. We also know that next Tuesday is the big Madonna episode, which will feature 10 Material Girl tracks sung by assorted Gleeks. But what else can we expect this season? The scoops Entertainment Weekly got out of creator Ryan Murphy, after the jump. Semi-SPOILER alert.

  • Woo hoo! Rachel has a new dude to crush on. She falls for the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, McKinley High’s biggest show choir rival. Jesse St. James will be played by Jonathan Groff, who by no coincidence at all was Lea Michele’s co-star in the Broadway mega-hit “Spring Awakening.” Oh, and Rachel will lose her voice in an upcoming episode.
  • Ooh! Ooh! Ryan Murphy teases that, “There’s a lot of great stuff between Finn and Kurt. That relationship gets explored a lot,” which had me wishing for a guy-on-guy kiss. But no luck. The real scoop is, as Murphy puts it, ”Kurt’s father and Finn’s mother begin to date so Kurt’s little secret crush on Finn comes out in the form of ‘Let’s decorate our new bedroom together.”’
  • Mr. Schuester and Emma are a sure thing after that kiss in the last episode? Not so fast. Murphy says, ”[Will has] been with somebody since he was 15 years old so, now that he’s getting divorced, this is the first time he gets to figure out who he is. He’s become like the kids in the sense that he’s sort of going through his own adolescence.”
  • Quinn will have her baby, and will still be struggling with being a social outcast.
  • Mercedes will have a big second half of the year. Not only does she become besties with Quinn. ”[Mercedes] has an affair with Puck,” says Murphy. ”Is there any girl on the show he’s not with? He’s a manwhore this season and we love it.”
  • We’ll continue to get more backstory on Sue on why she is the beyotch she is, which appears to have something to do with a big old rivalry with her sister. ”There’s a great romantic episode where you really see why Sue is so ambitious and ruthless.” I can’t take much more since that time she thought the news anchor was into her. Man, I love Sue.
  • And what about Tina? ”My favorite thing is that she convinces the principal that she’s a vampire,” says Murphy.

Sounds like the rest of the season is gonna be pretty awesome. [Entertainment Weekly]