Would You Let Kim Kardashian Pick Out Shoes For You?

Kim Kardashian lends her name (and butt) to all kinds of dodginess — QuickTrim, anyone? But we’ve got to say, we’ve poked around her “premier shoe society,” ShoeDazzle, and, well, we’re actually impressed! It’s a shoe-of-the-month club where, for $40, a new pair of kicks arrive at your door. To sign up, a shoe fanatic like you just answers a bunch of questions on an online survey about whose celebrity style they admire more: Gwen or Beyoncé? Jen or Sienna? Once your shoe style is calculated, five pairs of flats, heels or boots are picked out by an array of stylists (and, allegedly, Miss Thing herself); you get to choose the pair you want most, which are shipped off to to your awaiting tootsies. What I like best, though, is that ShoeDazzle lets you choose “Skip This Month” if, say, you’re not loving the stylist’s options — or you’re short on rent money this month. I can’t believe it, but I might just let Kim Kardashian pick out my new shoes! [ShoeDazzle]